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Workbook And Worksheet Mein Antar. What i want to do is to xlookup the last entry of an employee id in cell a2 from book2.xlsx in a range of sheets and under a certain column range in book1.xlsx, then return the last value entered at that point in time under the computer name column on the same row for that employee id that might be entered in the file more than once. Can only detect less than 5000 charactersâ ¥ ã â¤â¤ã â¤â¨ ã, ã ¤ ã â.

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Worksheet adalah lembar kerja yang ada pada microsoft office excel yang terdiri dari sel ( cell) yang merupakan pertemuan antara baris (row) dan kolom ( colum) bekerja dengan workbook dan worksheet. Enter a comma/semicolon (depending on the list separator defined under your regional settings), click on the spreadsheet with the range you want. Worksheets are my weekday word a five day week devotional pdf, industrial society and its future.