Compound Words Exercises Online. → this is a movie. Exercise 1 complete the following sentences using compound adjectives:

Compound Words exercise for 2
Compound Words exercise for 2 from

This vehicle is moving slowly. This film star is very conscious of her image. Compound adjectives compound adjective practice b.

Words Can Be Combined To Form Compound Nouns.

Match each word in first column with one in the second column to make a. For this and other activities, you need to prepare a list of words and note how many compound words can be made from a specific base word. → this is a woman.

Ejercicios Y Actividades Online De Compound Words. offers creative online games with compound words to help students to increase their cognitive abilities in language learning. English as a second language (esl) order results: There are 30 different words for students to create with 60 picture word cards.

A Country Which Produces Tobaccois A 3.

Use each word only once. The second part identifies the object or person in question (man, friend, tank, table, room). Match the words together to form 12 compound adjectives.

Fill In The Gaps With The Compound Adjectives In English To Complete The Sentences Below.

Home » learning english grammar » compound words » compound words practice sheet 1. Match the word pairs to create compound words and then use them to complete sentences. S 5 spelling games 5 lae eduaion compound word snaps grade 5 worksheet b circle the correct compound word in the brackets.

That Man Dresses In A Scruffy Manner.

Several interesting exercises to help students practice forming compound words with diagrams. 5 years, 7 months ago. Compound words practice sheet 1.


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