2Nd Conditional Sentence Examples. Second conditional questions are used to ask about hypothetical or imaginary situations that are unlikely to happen. A second conditional sentence with could.

SECOND CONDITIONAL English language learning, English
SECOND CONDITIONAL English language learning, English from

We use this type of sentence pattern when we express suppositions. (impossible past situation | result in future) zero conditional sentences If i were a millionaire , i would buy a private plane.

The Order Of The Clauses Can Change.

To put it simply, second conditionals reflect ideas of. Closed condition (expired past condition | possible past result) mixed conditional sentences: If it was raining, we couldn’t go to the movies / if it was raining, we couldn’t go to the movies.

There Is No Possibility Of.

(but i don’t have more time so i don’t.) if i were rich, i’d spend all my time travelling. If you asked him, he might be able to do it (possibility) Examples of sentences with second conditional.

I Would Answer If He Called.

This typically reflects scenarios of an “if this had happened, this could have happened” nature. As an alternative to would, we can complete the second part of. The second conditional sentence is the type that talks about a hypothetical situation and the outcome that is completely impossible or very unlikely to happen in the future.

If I Won The Award, I Would Have A Party With All My Family And Friends / If I Won The Award, I Would Have A Party With All My Family And Friends.

If it is hot, you could get skin tan. These suppositions can be : In the sentences formed with the type 2 rule, there are usually regrets, wishes, or desires about events or situations in the past.

The Second Clause Of Subject + Would + Verb (Conditional Verb) Is Conditional To The First Clause Happening (Or Will Only Happen If The First Part/Clause Happens).

In if clause type 2, it is expressed that if the conditions that could not be realized in the past or were not possible to occur in the past are met, the possibility that the expected situation may have also occurred. If the weather improved, our crops would flourish. Second conditional sentences in english exercise.


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